A. Rey Pamatmat's latest work makes its local debut this week as part of a "rolling" world premiere. The play centers on a trio of children who live on a farm in the middle of America, nearly free of adult supervision. The three do their best to raise themselves in isolation, but events, including the one mentioned in the title, bring the world at large crashing into their isolated corner. The company includes Alex Galick, Isabella Dawis, and Matthew Cerar as the three youngsters who live outside of the adult world (which is, tellingly, not represented onstage). Randy Reyes, a veteran of numerous Mu Performing Arts shows, directs. Reyes feels a personal kinship with the story at the center of the play, as his mother worked two jobs when he was growing up, leaving him and his sisters to take care of themselves. A key difference was that Reyes knew his mother would... More >>>