We last spoke to comic and political satirist Will Durst in May of 2011. At that time, he was anxiously counting down the days until the start of the race for the GOP nomination for president. Durst correctly predicted that Mitt Romney would be the frontrunner, and the humorist has had a ball watching the show. "On a daily basis Mr. Bain Capital will say or do whatever he thinks might possibly help on the campaign trail," Durst wrote recently in his syndicated column. "'Pro-choice, I got your pro-choice. Oh wait, not pro-choice, well, then neither am I.' 'What happens in the sanctity of one's own bedroom is nobody's business. Oh, Yes It Is!' [I'm] surprised every time he's not photographed wearing one of those whiplash neck braces from the twisting and turning necessary to cover his wide panoply of paradoxical convictions." While Durst enjoys the long-form style of his weekly column, he approaches it a bit differently than his standup. "People think I can just take the column and go onstage, but it is two entirely different voices," he explains. Though, occasionally, there can be a bit of cross pollination. "Sometimes I'll write something and forget that I can use it onstage. Then someone will come up to me and repeat the line from the column and I'll think, 'Oh, yeah. I could use that... More >>>