A well-known model of learning behavior states that all knowledge can be divided into four categories: 1) things you know you know, 2) things you know you don't know, 3) things you don't know you know (my personal favorite), and 4) the scary one — things you don't know you don't know. Everyone has different and sometimes profoundly entertaining examples that illustrate each quadrant, and if you ever have to make small talk at a party I highly recommend introducing this idea. Anyway, this week brought about two questions that fell squarely into the "things you know you don't know" category. Question 1: Can you get good pizza at a coffeehouse? And question 2: Is a diner really a diner if it doesn't serve bacon? So in hopes of some enlightenment, we ventured out to two very different eateries in two distinct neighborhoods that are both attempting to meet the needs of their unique crossover audiences. Both the West Bank Diner and the Nicollet's new restaurant-within-a-restaurant, Eat Street Pizza, served as little laboratories for our research, helping us discover answers to some tough questions about the world's... More >>>