San Diego's Crocodiles have a gritty, feedback-laden sound that contains blissful elements of their sunny hometown layered within their melodies. You just have to make your way through a wall of guitar fuzz in order to find it. The group was formed by Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, but the live incarnation of the band has swelled to a quartet—and a quintet during recent local performances—including a thrilling opening set for Dum Dum Girls (who are fronted by Welchez's wife, Dee Dee) at the Turf Club in October. There are clear punk elements in the Crocodiles' incendiary songs, but that fury is tempered nicely by a bright, '60s surf-rock swing that's injected into their soaring melodies—all of which forms a potent combination in a live setting that will certainly get your head nodding as your ears are left ringing. With Bleeding... More >>>