The crux of classic two-man comedy acts is the difference between the performers: The cunning Bud Abbot sets up the lovably dopey Lou Costello, or spindly Brit Stan Laurel bickers with rotund American Oliver Hardy. Identical twins Randy and Jason Sklar invert the paradigm, playing off their similarities to create something quite different. The Sklars—sharp-witted and sarcastic but prone to mutual self-deprecation—use overlapping dialogue to tell a joke in tandem, stepping over one another's lines until the dialogue syncs up for emphasis, but they can break apart at any moment to turn a routine into a vignette with the pair playing opposing characters. The effect is not only hilarious, but startlingly fluid and consistently energetic, making them one of the most distinctive acts on the standup circuit. In addition to a slew of film and TV appearances, the former hosts... More >>>