If you happen to wake up at that awkward in-between hour on a Sunday—too early to be really famished but too late for the productive jump-start the first meal of the day is supposed to provide—you'll undoubtedly face the age-old dilemma of dining out on the weekend: breakfast or lunch? That's especially frustrating if your favorite spot has a cut-off time for eggs (can we get a moratorium on this?). But if on one of these late-to-rise Sundays you find yourself in the impossibly quaint St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, make your way to the second location of Colossal Cafe and you won't have to settle. The expanded kitchen and seating area means Colossal can now serve burgers, biscuits and gravy, and a full kids' menu along with its signature flappers. The original Colossal in Minneapolis is famous for its tiny space, but while the bigger and better-equipped Colossal No. 2 allows it to offer creative specials and off-site catering, the backbone of the place is still the same:... More >>>