China's most celebrated dancer, Jin Xing, began training while in a Chinese military dance program as a boy. Today, the former colonel and ballet dancer is the founder of Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai and, after several gender-reassignment operations, a woman. The company's current tour marks Jin's first return to the U.S. as a woman, and the Minnesota debut of China's only independent dance company. The program, "Shanghai Tango," is a series of 10 works for 14 dancers including Jin. According to the New York Times, the work is "a consistent picture of politely agreeable West-absorbs-East idioms," and is particularly safe in its explorations of male/female identity. Still, who isn't curious about a choreographer who told the Wall Street Journal, "To have your own company, traveling internationally, speaking many languages, becoming a woman, it's all the fantasy I had when I was in the military. I was sitting in the military compound looking at the sky, fantasizing about my life. And... More >>>