The Darkness stormed onto the music scene in 2003 with histrionic hair-metal that we'd confidently thought was left behind in the '80s. But the unabashed arena anthems of the English quartet certainly caught the fancy of music fans and critics who wanted to turn back the clocks while they turned up the stereo. After a disappointing second album, frontman Justin Hawkins left the band and checked into rehab, causing the group to break up in 2006. However, the story doesn't end there. They have recently reunited, with Hawkins and all original members in tow, and are supposedly set to release a new record at some point this year. This First Avenue show is part of a small, 13-city tour for the Darkness, who are set to prove to the world that not only do they still have it, but that they never lost it in the first place. With Foxy Shazam and Crown Jewel... More >>>