The Sazerac, thought to be one of the first cocktails, was created in the velvet humidity of New Orleans. It contains a healthy jolt of rye whiskey balanced by a whisper of absinthe, and is served in an old-fashioned glass. This kind of delicacy is where cocktail culture shines: taking the art of socializing, the science of precise measurements, and the sexiness of speakeasies, and infusing it with the modern sunlight of new flavor combinations. Johnny Michaels, who is best known for his righteous pours at La Belle Vie, has either contributed to or influenced nearly every kick-ass craft drink menu in town. On Monday, Michaels will join fellow cocktail all-star Pip Hanson of Marvel Bar at Clubhouse Jager for "History of Hip: A Brief History of Cocktails." Together, the boys will show you how to work that shaker as they share a few recipes and tricks, and discuss the cocktail scene of ye olden times. Michaels will also be signing copies of his... More >>>