Seriously soulful, furiously funky, and tighter than Scrooge McDuck at a misers' convention, the blazing horns of Tower of Power have been setting a standard for wickedly incendiary, muscle-flexing R&B for 43 years. Tower of Power's rousing, formidable Oakland soul has supported and inspired the likes of Sly Stone, Santana, the Rolling Stones, and Aretha Franklin in addition to scoring such indelible hits as "What Is Hip?" and "You're Still a Young Man." Anchored by a solid core of original members, including founding saxophonists Emilio Castillo and Doc Kupka, the 10-piece outfit still roars with a precision and power that defies the years and continues to rocket audiences out of their seats. Thus, Tower of Power fanatics demanding a three-night stand at the Dakota. The magic is... More >>>