This bill finds two these two old pals—they teamed up for a trio of hairily experimental efforts as Terrestrial Tones in the mid-aughts—showcasing very different abilities. As a member of Animal Collective, Dave "Avey Tare" Portner (pictured) has perfected a virulent, recombinant strain of pop twee; alone, his muse wanders darker, danker alleyways. Expect tonight's DJ set to celebrate his myriad, disparate musical influences. Eric Copeland, on the other hand, has a jones for melodic pop turned upside down and inside out: elementary-school anthems fed Quaaludes. It's a far cry from the uncategorizable anti-music Copeland makes with Black Dice, and three times as awesome. Bring along an extra face or three, in case your original melts off and gets all over your oversized Paw Tracks... More >>>