It's true. The lovely Eva Mohn, one of the most arrestingly expressive and ferociously beautiful dancers to come out of the Twin Cities, has returned to TU Dance for the season. It was a major disappointment last year when she was scheduled to perform a duet at the Southern Theater as a member of Johannes Wieland's dance company, and the show was canceled. But Mohn takes the O'Shaughnessy stage this weekend, performing the signature duet from "Veneers" with Uri Sands, who choreographed the masterwork. Prepare to be breathless. Also on the program is the world premiere of Sands's "A Subconscious Plastic Nowhere," and repertory works "Six Beginnings" and "And Let Go." Is it possible TU Dance is now in its eighth season? How time flies when you're making and watching great dance. Eva:... More >>>