C.J. Chenier inherited the Louisiana Red Hot Band from the King of Zydeco, his father, Clifton Chenier, along with the high expectations that often burden the offspring of legends. But C.J. established his own identity by tapping his eclectic background in funk, rock, pop, and jazz after learning the gritty, swamp essentials of zydeco from the master. Plus, C.J. is arguably zydeco's best singer, with an especially deep, richly resonant voice that ignites the songs' emotional content alongside the fiery rhythms and rampaging accordion. Can't Sit Down (World Village), Chenier's first album in five years, returns to the party spirit after the post-Katrina blues of The Desperate Kingdom of Love. He covers some sizzling zydeco classics (Clifton's title track and "Hot Tamale Baby," as well as Boozoo Chavis's "Paper in My Shoe"), ventures into the blues via John Lee Hooker and Joe Williams, conjures a sleek, contemporary sound on his own "Zydeco Boogie," and evokes Los Lobos on a cover of Tom Waits's "Clap Hands," pumping the old squeezebox with unbridled passion... More >>>