If there's any one thing the Twin Cities music scene is short on, it's sweaty, honest-to-goodness rock 'n' roll bands. Have no fear, though: Red Daughters are one group more than capable of stepping in to fill that void. The quintet's rough-and-ready mix of classic-rock riffs and psychedelic jams is bursting with old-school bravado. But it's not the red-hot guitar work or jackhammer drumming that really makes Red Daughters' formula work, or even their impressive facial hair. (Though that assuredly doesn't hurt.) No, it's the barrelhouse keys and the array of outstanding singers on their roster. Mark Hanson, in particular, has a throaty howl that harkens back to the booze-soaked drawl of another drummer, Levon Helm, whose band no doubt resonates with these guys' tastes. Tonight, they're... More >>>