Ferocious improvisers who ply a wild, uncategorizable sound that twitches, bristles, and sometimes erupts through wickedly convoluted dimensions, keyboardist John Medeski, bassist Chris Wood, and drummer Billy Martin have been on the iconoclastic prowl for two decades. Jazz, funk, rock, and the avant-garde all collide under the trio's ministrations, picking up dozens of stray genres in the process, while Martin drives the proceedings with rhythms borrowed from swing, P-Funk, second-liners, Brazil, and even farther afield. Blues and gospel roots fume, meanwhile, on Medeski's piano, coalescing as irresistible hooks that Wood in turn flays with his mercurial bass. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, MMW have issued a double album of sizzling, live collaborations with fellow jazz/eclectic... More >>>