It's been an explosive rise for a group that started as a way to avoid getting bored when their hardcore band Building Better Bombs was on hiatus. Over the past two years, while P.O.S. played multiple festivals and the Ryan Olson-masterminded Gayngs exploded locally and nationally, Marijuana Deathsquads' party squad morphed from hardcore-inspired noise into a Picked to Click act who brought together an eclectic rotating cast of local musicians and out-of-town guests, creating ear-bending improv/dance grooves that defied listener expectations and spit in the face of easy categorization. Drummers Ben Ivascu and Freddy Votel, who can claim membership in over 10 local bands between the two of them, form the organic rhythmic core; Isaac Gale, Stef Alexander, and Olson act as the main noisemakers, sample-tweakers, and vocalists; and from there, you never know who's going to show up. This show celebrates the release of... More >>>