Comedian Guy Torry is living life right. "Go to work and get applause," he tells audiences. "I love being a comedian. I used to get kicked out of class for this. Cracking jokes. Now I do it on TV and in comedy clubs; a round of applause for that." The St. Louis native developed his comedic skills while in college at Southeast Missouri State University, where Cedric the Entertainer was a classmate. After graduating, he headed for California along with older brother and fellow actor/comedian, Joe Torry. Since arriving in Hollywood, Guy has built a long list of movie and TV credits, but it's standup that's still his bread and butter. He only wishes he would have had the nerve to become a comedian sooner. "I would have dropped out in the eighth grade," he informs the crowd. "I would have been the LeBron James of comedy. I would have had a press conference. 'I'm forgoing my high school years to become a professional smart-ass.'" 18+; 21+ later... More >>>