North Carolina-by-way-of-Wisconsin trio Megafaun know a thing or two about sonic reinvention. Formed in the wake of the dissolution of DeYarmond Edison, after that group's frontman, Justin Vernon, headed back home to Eau Claire and began his path to eventual worldwide stardom with Bon Iver, the band booked their first tour with just four completed songs to their name. They preferred to take the rest of their nascent songwriting steps on stage rather than from the comforts of home. This fearless embrace of change continues to define the band five years later, with their improvisation-rooted take on Americana sounding decidedly grown up and smoothed out on their just-released self-titled sophomore full-length. They still traffic in unique textures and unconventional arrangements, but have turned down the cacophony and cranked up the melody, resulting in a... More >>>