This Tuesday, master stylist Patrick Lomantini of Wichita, Kansas, will visit Jungle Red Salon as he attempts to set his second Guinness World record. Last year, he set a world record for cutting hair at his hometown salon for 72 hours straight (277 cuts total). This year he has an even bigger goal: Lomantini will attempt to cut 50 heads of hair in each of the 50 states over 50 days for a grand total of 2,500 haircuts. His journey began in Augusta, Maine, on August 1 and will end in Wichita, Kansas, on November 19 at his salon. Minneapolis is his 30th stop, and it's expected to take a full 12 hours to complete his 50 cuts. Appointments are required, and cuts are free of charge with a suggested donation of $20. All money raised will benefit local Humane Societies. To schedule an appointment with Lomantini, call the... More >>>