In one black-and-white photograph, two old women in the recognizable jackets and caps of their homeland stand jauntily, each with one foot coquettishly out, cigarettes cocked between splayed fingers, their soft faces cradling looks of bemusement. In a color photograph, a young woman in a white sleeveless top leans over a turntable in a nightclub drenched in blues and reds, her hand a blur as her head and torso move quickly to one side. Both pictures offer insights into contemporary China, as seen through the viewfinders of young photographers whose work is on display at the Katherine Nash Gallery this weekend. "China Insights: Unsettling Consequences" features works by seven photographers from mainland China. Six of them hail from Shenzhen, China's first post-Mao-era Special Economic Opportunity Zone, established for entrepreneurs and largely occupied by people under 30. China's seismic cultural and political shifts are captured in the show's 150 photographs, each of which entices the viewer to engage with a long, penetrating look. There will be a public lecture 4 p.m., followed by a reception from 5 to 7:30 p.m.... More >>>