Be it a simple design in a children's coloring book or a complex puzzle in a newspaper, mazes have delighted and frustrated people for thousands of years. Past examples that survive today include a stone Egyptian labyrinth from the fifth century B.C. and a 17th-century hedge maze in Versailles. In the present-day Midwest, it's only fitting that we construct our mazes out of corn. Those looking to get lost and find their way again can check out the corn maze of Shafer. On twelve acres professionally constructed into the shape of a black bear, winding paths feature two mazes—one 3.3 miles (it's recommended that you give yourself one to one and a half hours to wander and complete), and a shorter, more kid-friendly 1.2-mile path. Other activities include rope mazes, games, contests, and music. Later in the month there should also be pumpkins and scarecrows to view. And though there are rumors that the Shafer maze may pimp itself out during Halloween weekend, rest assured it won't be anywhere near as terrifying or deadly as the hedge-maze experiences... More >>>