Neil Simon dug into Jewish folklore for this trifle about the Russian village of Kulyenchikov, whose inhabitants suffer under a centuries-old curse that renders them idiotic, incapable of love, and unable to leave. The action opens with the arrival of Leon (Ben Tallen), who thinks he's landed a plum job as the village schoolmaster—until he discovers that his main charge, the lovely Sophia (Abby DeSanto), is such a thoroughgoing dullard that she's "just recently learned to sit down." (DeSanto shows off her character's raw new skill throughout the evening, stiffly launching herself onto the furniture and beaming with self-satisfaction when she manages to plant her posterior.) We soon learn that the curse can only be lifted if Sophia marries Gregor (Luke Weber), the local aristocrat who lives in a scary house on a hill and whose family name causes the townspeople to tremble in terror. The only other way out is for Leon to de-cretinize Sophia within 24 hours, which proves impossible; Tallen and DeSanto launch into a sort... More >>>