Several years ago, after his first performance at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, comedian Joe Matarese struck a developmental deal with VH1. Later, he had similar deal with NBC, but none of these projects came to fruition. He was, however, able to buy a house with the money they gave him. Indeed, his life sounds like a workable premise for a sitcom: After years of trudging through the single life in L.A., the Cherry Hill, New Jersey native moved back east and found true love. His wife has a Ph.D. in psychology. "As she would say, I'm smarter mentally than she is," he explains. "I'm street smart and emotionally smart. That kept me in the game. I'm a sensitive guy." Speaking of games, that's one area in where Joe can hold his own. "We have Scene It," he says. "She doesn't know movies as well as I do, but there's an option... More >>>