For its 10th anniversary the Soo Visual Arts Center won't be throwing a birthday party. Rather, it will be creating a series of carnival-style celebrations honoring the quirkier side of artists. During the festivities, guests will be able to try their hand at fair-style games and take in believe-it-or-not curiosities, including table tennis, unicorn-rescuing missions, and fortune-telling from Zoraya, Lady of Mysticism (a.k.a. performance artist Jaime Carrera). Other folks creating cool booths and games include Amelia Biewald, Mary Johnson, Levi Murphy, Mark O'Brien, Chris Pennington, Liseli Polivka, and Amy Toscani. Saturday's opening celebration will also feature hot dogs, bison burgers, nachos, and other edible treats from Chef Shack from 4 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, June 4. For more... More >>>