Remember that brief period in the mid-'90s when industrial music was popular? It was played on mainstream radio and even in feature films. On Sunday, you'll have the chance to relive those nocturnes of yore with the hard percussion and edgy lyrics of Front Line Assembly. This Canadian band came together in 1986, led by former Skinny Puppy member Bill Leeb (a.k.a. Wilhelm Schroeder). Using sequencers, samplers, synths, and vocal distortions, FLA deliver a sound from an alien world that is at once haunting, primal, and accessible. Their scary soundscapes, guttural growls, and danceable beats will keep you moving all night. FLA will be joined at Ground Zero by Gary Zon, a.k.a. Dismantled, one of a group of electro-industrial musicians influenced by bands like FLA, but with a sound that recalls humanity's postindustrial present more than its industrial past—automated, computerized, and oh so anxious. With Cyanotic and DJ... More >>>