Though this three-day happening is part of Art-A-Whirl festivities, it also works as a stand-alone party. Things will get started Friday night with "Desire," a two-hour composition by Ryan Olson (Gayngs) and Stef Alexander (Doomtree). It's part concert, part mixed-media installation, and performers include Isaac Gale, members of Marijuana Deathsquads, and Martin Dosh. Together they will create large-scale light and sound productions. The next day at noon "Epiphany" will take place in the Sample Room's parking lot. Here guests will be able to view a gallery show, curated by Creative Electric Studios, that explores the "a-ha!" moment in the creative process. At sunset, "Creation" will take people to the Mississippi River where there will be a merging of visual and sonic art. Performers include Tom... More >>>