The first year comedian Tommy Johnagin threw himself into standup as a full-time career, he was booked all 52 weeks. "A long time," he adds, "just ask my ex-fiancée." When just one of those 52 weeks canceled, he got nervous. "I started thinking, 'Am I even a comedian anymore?'" It's an absurd question, but it's indicative of the intense focus that earned Johnagin a reputation as one of the hardest-working comics in the business. He stayed on the road, making a pittance and just scraping by while living for free in an apartment his parents owned. "You really have to look inside yourself when you're struggling to live for free," he notes. The hard work certainly paid off; last year Johnagin became one of the most recognizable young comics in the country when he took second place among an excellent roster... More >>>