It's 1 a.m. at a little house in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, and if you're expecting a party, don't—it's a work night. The kitchen island has been converted into a recording studio with a laptop, a microphone, some notebooks, a bottle of bourbon, and a seemingly endless supply of medicinal marijuana. As a beat hums out of the laptop speakers, Marijuana Deathsquads' Ryan Olson is intensely focused on tweaking sounds while Mike Mictlan of the Doomtree crew and Sean "Har Mar Superstar" Tillmann trade off experimenting with vocal lines and hastily jotting down notes. There's a feverish bubble around the proceedings; as Freddy Votel dozes under a pile of blankets on the couch and Ben Ivascu grabs a beer from the refrigerator, the trio pause for a quick hello and then get... More >>>