True to its title, Lisa D'Amour's new play revolves around a girl born in Texas (Anna Reichert) who inexplicably sports a kangaroo-like marsupial pouch on her abdomen. Her hippie-chick mother (Autumn Ness) reassures her that this physical distinction makes her special, but the wider world weighs in with a less charitable opinion. After a few years of home schooling, Roo-Gal goes off to school with the other kids. Open-minded Sue (Nadia Hulett) strikes up a friendship, but arch-soshies Libby (Jessie Shelton) and Pearl (Teresa Marie Doran) ostracize the new girl. Looking after her throughout is Dr. Pouch (Luverne Seifert) , who delivers an unapologetically hammy and rootin' and tootin' number while pretending to strum a beat-up geetar. (The music, by Sxip Shirey, is nicely off-kilter—sort of a swampy... More >>>