Laurie Van Wieren has been producing smart, funny, slyly subversive dance theater for 30 years. Now she's mounted a retrospective of her live and video work in the informal studio atmosphere of the Ivy Building. Live performances include a solo by Van Wieren (one of our subtlest, most intriguing performers) and a recreation of "5 Dancers and a DJ" featuring the dream cast of Judith Howard, Tom Carlson, April Sellers, Susan Scalf, Megan Meyer, and Chris Holman. Video works include Van Wieren's 1995 "Ice House Tango," an audacious spectacle that took place on Lake of the Isles and included ice skating, fireworks, and live music. "And One and One and One" was created for video, based on text by Gertrude Stein. Van Wieren's expansive, expressive, experimental, and highly entertaining oeuvre is well worth a look. The retrospective will continue through the spring with an ongoing series of open rehearsals, discussions, and... More >>>