Curious title for an exhibition; you won't find a zombie in sight. Rather, the curators of this show—Clarence Morgan and Ryuta Nakajima, who are U faculty—are being ironic. As in: Painting is not a homogenous, dead-art-form-walking, but rather an evolving practice with as much diversity as there are imaginations and ways of slapping paint on a canvas. In an era of multi-mediated, technologically negotiated art practices, the simple act of painting isn't as simple (or simplistic) as one might think. London artist Miltos Manetas has originated a website that invites participants to create their own Jackson Pollock drip painting. Ely artist Andy Messerschmidt's work is an architectural construction with a smoke machine. Minneapolis-based Andy Ducett is creating a multi-object assemblage. Other artists in the exhibition—hailing from Philadelphia to Hawaii—examine through their work such thorny issues as painting and politics, art and uncertainty, theory and mediated realities.... More >>>