Their goofy name comes from an old Creedence tune. Two of their members--singer/guitarist Brian Vanderwerf and guitarist Jesse Tomlinson--come from roots-punk hard-asses the Midnight Evils, voted Best Live Band in these pages not long ago. And their sound comes largely from '70s rock of the hard and fast variety. But based at least on seeing Chooglin' open for Soul Asylum this past December (they played their first show in late November), the group isn't egregiously or self-consciously retro. They don't bother with Me Decade visual trappings, and treat their influences playfully rather than ironically (or reverently). Most importantly, of course, they rock in the manner of a hurricane or tornado or some such natural power. The lyrics, I haven't been able to make out yet. For some insight into Vanderwerf's tastes, we sat around his Uptown apartment, played some records, and... More >>>