Richie Hawtin's career played out a lot like Moby's. Besides the fact that they at one point had shiny bald noggins in common, both were figureheads of electronic music in the ravetastic '90s and, having committed the sin of popularity, were accused of selling out. After the dirty smoke-machine fog settled, Moby dodged Eminem disses and looked like a complete doof in his duet with Gwen Stefani, while Hawtin (a.k.a. Plastikman) dumped his trademark Buddy Holly specs, grew a blond flip, and escaped to Berlin. As the party wound down, though, through his own stylistic evolution, Hawtin has stuck by his cause. Gearing up for what's become an annual Twin Cities stop, the English-born, Canadian-bred, Detroit-associated DJ/producer spoke via telephone from New York about art, politics, drugs, his Midwestern past, and... More >>>