In a zombie apocalypse, an outbreak of the undead attacks civilization, turning all humans into zombies at exponential speed. This phenomenon can be observed on October 9, when Inferi will storm the West Bank for the sixth annual Zombie Pub Crawl. Eight-thousand people are already confirmed to be zombified (up from 5,000 in 2009), and there's no doubt that this year's crawl is going to be an insane party of music, drinking, and, of course, (fake) blood. Last year, a couple people got mugged and a few bars had their windows broken, so this year the organizers are hiring security guards requiring the undead to purchase wristbands that can be ordered online for $5 (or $10 at the 501 Club and Acadia Café the day of). So put together your costume, and practice your zombie walk, moan, croon (there's zombie karaoke at the Red Sea), and dance moves for all of the live music that's happening, including Bobby Bare Jr. at the 400 Club ($10 cover), Lusurfer at the Nomad, and tons of bands at the Triple Rock and Acadia Café. The 501 Club will have stilt walking, hula hooping, burlesque, glass walking, and professional... More >>>