Even if you're wary of absolute statements, here's one that's pretty hard to deny: Ladbroke Grove, England's Scritti Politti underwent the single weirdest evolution of any band ever. Unless, that is, you can think of another group that started out as squat-living, nerve-scratching clang merchants with lyrics evoking grad-studies textbook postmodernism, proceeded to mutate through a lovers-rock reggae phase, and ended up being the most convincing British pop-soul band of the '80s. Scritti's central figure, vocalist and guitarist Green Gartside, initially came off like Jacques Derrida leading the Monochrome Set, only to turn into a geeky white Smokey Robinson via his Jamaican doppelgänger, Dennis Brown (both crossed with Derrida, naturally). It's as if the Gang of Four had turned into Wham! Not even David Bowie reinvented himself with anything close to that... More >>>