Education has been ravaged to the tune of hundreds of teacher layoffs. Traffic jams grow longer and uglier with each passing week. Tens of thousands of people have been tossed from the state's health care insurance rolls, even as "surpluses" paid into the government's system by doctors and hospitals are diverted to the general fund. Thousands more citizens have been priced out of state-supported childcare. Double-digit tuition increases for higher education have become the norm. Fees are up nearly everywhere you turn. Nearly a billion dollars from the tobacco fund has been tapped. The state has cut local government aid payments even as it pushes more responsibility for services down to counties and cities, resulting in enormous hikes in local property taxes. Numerous cost shifts, delayed payments, and other accounting gimmickry have been deployed. We are now many months into the economic recovery so ballyhooed by President Bush and his fellow Republicans in the... More >>>