Want an excuse to wear a 16th century bar wench outfit outside the bedroom? Tired of people thinking you're a fetishist because you're into leather armor and flails? Then it's your time to shine, because Shakopee is getting its medieval groove on. From August 21 to October 3, the Renaissance Festival will joust and jest through its 40th anniversary. The rundown: swords, belly dancing, jousts, cleavage, comedy duo Puke and Snot, turkey drumsticks, more cleavage, gyros (authentic medieval gyros, of course), themed weekends, jugglers, jesters, tightrope walkers, kings, queens, ale, and even more cleavage. Oh, and lots and lots of sunburns. Tucked behind the castle gate is a collection of 16 stages, live entertainment, and the best people-watching this side of Halloween. Lose some money against the chess champs, wander the village shops, and don't be insulted if... More >>>