Last month, when Har Mar Superstar performed at Loring Park, I wanted to make a T-shirt for him that said, "You Must Be at Least Five Feet Tall to Ride the Pimp-A-Whirl." Because on that July night, the velvet-voiced Californian who once promised that he would keep gyrating "till the babies hatch" looked like he may have over-incubated some baby-mama's eggs. Right in front of the stage, some kindergartners were wagging their hips libidinously for the sweaty R&B singer. This week, that memory came flooding back to me as younger crowds came out in droves for all-ages concerts like the Bryant-Lake Bowl block party, Yo! The Movement at East River Flats Park, and End Transmission at the Dinkytowner. It's about time that a tiny music fan is finally able to put her milk money where her mouth is. Yet I'd imagine that there are still a few age restrictions that even Har Mar supports. If you want to be his hoochie, for instance, you've got to wait... More >>>