The self-titled, vinyl-only collaboration between avant-garde saxophonist George Cartwright and turntablist Andrew Broder (on Roaratorio Records) is a noisenik's lullaby. Spasms of alto sax meet the outer edge of the record, accompanied by the jingle of a music box and the rattle of metal shards dropping to the floor. Recorded this past February at Minneapolis's Acadia Cabaret, the performance is a cross-generational Twin Cities' most creative improvisers. Cartwright, with Curlew and in collaborations with Ornette Coleman and Bill Laswell, helped shape the influential downtown New York jazz scene of the late '70s. He settled in the Twin Cities five years ago. Broder's hip-hop-rock hybrid Fog has brought Midwestern paranoia to an international audience. Cartwright and Broder recently added percussionist JT Bates and saxophonist Michael Lewis to form the Wonderful Music Company. We caught up with the two experimentalists at the... More >>>