"This is not a band," says the guy standing behind me, as the Lit 6 Project takes the stage at the 400 Bar on a Wednesday night in late June. The patron's tone is slightly puzzled but not hostile. Sam Osterhout, the group's founder and spokesman, is telling the crowd of 150 or so that they're about to hear some stories. Not sung stories, like "Convoy" or "Papa Don't Preach," or folktales or memoirish one-person-show stories, but genuine, book-type stories, more or less. Osterhout, who looks like a post-Atkins-diet Oliver Platt, doesn't actually say all that, but no one in Lit 6 is carrying an instrument and they are after all called Lit 6 and not the Folktale 5 or the Popular Music 4. Besides, it's rarely a good idea to reveal one's intention at the outset, as the obscure Samoan boxer Lionel "First I'm Gonna Punch You in the Noggin, Then I'm Gonna Punch You in the Tummy" McGillicuddy learned... More >>>