Henry Garza is a full-fledged guitar hero, eminently capable of igniting white-hot licks of musical flame with a mere flick of his wrist, honing a spectacular style that's equal parts Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan. But his guitar work, especially on acoustic, can be quite lyrical too, a key indication that Los Lonely Boys are hardly one-dimensional, weaving a distinctive mix of Tex-Mex, blues-rock, and rootsy pop. The brotherly trio are particularly adept at rock ballads, thanks in part to their fine, three-part harmonies, which owe sizable debts to the Beatles and Everlys. Because the harmonies are so integral to Los Lonelys' sound, the band had to take a break this spring when lesions were discovered on bassist JoJo Garza's vocal cords. He apparently has recovered, but not before delaying work on the band's next album, which had been due this fall. In the... More >>>