Rich Mattson has a reputation. After playing in bands for more than 20 years, including most notably the Glenrustles and Ol' Yeller, he's known for his blue-collar approach to his music. If anything, he's earned the right to say, "Fuck it, I can play whatever the hell I want." Beholden to no genre or scene, the Iron Range rocker is back with the Tisdales. The band has more in common with '70s pop rock than with the alt-country that Mattson's old bands were known for. But Mattson's songwriting chops are second to none, and his simple but majestic guitar solos are the stuff of Neil Young-garage-rock fantasies. His songs come with a layer of dirt already crusted in the space between notes—the way a bar band should sound. Joining Mattson in the Tisdales are former members of the Duluth psych-rock band the Hotel Coral Essex. With the Gleam,... More >>>