I can't get his voice out of my head. When I'm shoveling Cocoa Puffs into my mouth, I hear Howard Dean shouting "Yeeaaaaaghhhhh!" over "TNT." When I'm digging through my dirty laundry for some "clean" clothes, I hear him screeching over "Crazy Train." When I'm surfing emo porn at work, I hear him hollering over "Iron Man." The remix MP3s of Howard Dean's now ubiquitous "I Have a Scream" speech have so successfully superimposed the Vermont governor's rebel yell upon every song on KQ that it was all I could do this week to try to replace the music in my head with some music from the clubs. So I journeyed down to Minneapolis's Dokken headquarters, also known as Mötley Tuesdays, only to find a group of musicians blasting the same... More >>>