In slapstick there is a gag, like "Pie to the Face" and "Kick to the Groin," that every aspiring physical comedian must master before walking (somersaulting?) into the festive and frightening procession that I imagine Clown School graduation to be. I call it "Rabbit to the Jugular," though it works with any small, furry, feral animal (rabbits just seem best suited for the job, what with the jumping and the teeth). You've seen it a million times: Guy in pet shop sees cute bunny. Guy pets bunny. Bunny attacks. Cut to guy clutching a stuffed animal to his throat (usually a different color than the real rabbit), writhing in such a way that it appears he's trying to pry the rodent's teeth from his neck, all the while being careful to keep the thing glued to him. It's a delicate balance. A dance. He's flailing in circles. He's hollering bloody hell. He's on the ground, sizzlin' like bacon. He's... More >>>