The Brave New Workshop's summer show is a solid and consistently funny collection of sketches (very) loosely tied together by the theme of Toyotas that can't stop. In one, a father (Josh Eakright) is distracted in his lethal predicament by his daughter (Lauren Anderson) singing along to sexy-time music on the car radio. In the other, a couple who have plunged headlong into romance (Ellie Hino and Bobby Gardner) quickly discover under duress that they actually find each other loathsome and annoying (Hino takes a star turn serenading her onetime crush with a tune about wishing she had herpes, so that she could have passed it on to lover boy). Katy McEwen also performs, as well as tackling director's chores, and it's a pleasure to see her acerbic, incisive comic timing return to the BNW... More >>>