Indie filmmaker Mary Harron once asked Richard Hell if he had any advice for his fans, to which he responded, "One, try to overcome hope. Two, cultivate your most 'shameful' traits. Three, help me." It's hard to read his words as anything other than a three-chord riff on the ancient conflation of punk and suicidal tendencies--he may as well have said, "One, kill yourself. Two, kill yourself. Three, kill me." But the meaning of those last two words is more slippery than that. You wonder, what kind of assistance does Hell want? This is a guy who inspired the whole Blank Generation simply by handling steps one and two on his own. Maybe his final plea is self-reflexive, a moment when he suddenly hears himself talking, stops issuing advice, and discredits everything he just said in order to tell Harron what he really thinks: that anyone who still believes that rock is just about danger needs... More >>>