Anyone who has ever tried to make whoopee to Little Richard will agree that the indivisibility of sex and rock 'n' roll has been overstated. I say this in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, including the form's nomenclatorial naughtiness, and the great sexual awakening engendered in me by Buckner and Garcia's "Pac Man Fever." Obviously sex is central to rock 'n' roll--as it is to other swell things such as human interaction and the consumption of apples. But the threadbare claim that fucking was, is, and forever will be the music's guiding animus is not just second-rate Freud, but rooted in the odious stereotype of the hypersexual African-American brute. Besides, the overemphasis on sex unaccountably downplays rock's nautical fixation ("Sea Cruise," "Proud Mary," "Come Sail Away," "Rock the Boat"), a recurring theme us boat lovers on the margins of the rock press have long labored to... More >>>