"Let's hear it for America." As soon as the words seep through the teeth of A.R.E. Weapons' Brain McPeck, the kid in you wonders: Will he think I'm cool if I go ahead and assert my patriotism? Gloom-disco karaoke is thumping in the background, Space Invaders trills are laser-beaming through your aural cavities, and this überhipster has you so fired up about the red, white, and blue that you're prepared to...I dunno. Hawk your dancing shoes at Saddam's statue? Support the troops with your new camouflage tube top? Too many options, and not enough American Spirits to smoke while you're pondering them. So, instead, you tune in to McPeck's voice for an answer. It's a cracking, screeching, rumbling rally cry, like a pack of 13-year-old boys belting out the national anthem from the street corner. And that's when you realize: Maybe the best thing you can do for your country is to just... More >>>