Rock 'n' roll may never die, but volatile Fall singer Mark E. Smith will still bury all the rockers. When Iggy Pop drops in 2004--an onstage embolism during an ill-advised "We Will Fall" that sluices torso-vein blood over the first six rows--Smith will be healthy, if drunken beyond consonants, on a tour through the deep South. When Lou Reed kicks in 2006--alcohol poisoning after a despondent set at the Orange County Fair in California--Smith will cover the Sonics' "Strychnine" for an audience too illiterate to get the wink. When Morrissey is felled by a jealous sniper (later ID'd by the feds as a guitarist for a tribute band) at a 2008 Smiths convention in Yuma, Arizona, the gunman will float down the Colorado River to Mexico while, somewhere far away, Smith stutters through a knowing "New Face In Hell" (an unsubtle but appropriate title--they've written a lot of... More >>>