Like anyone suspicious of the extraordinary, those who haven't seen a Polyphonic Spree show might initially dismiss the experience. Between the symphonic beauty of a tabernacle choir with a serious psych-rock jones and the crowd-enveloping energy of a circus-tent gospel revival, the 24-member band, clad in flowing white robes, deliver a performance so disarmingly genuine and uplifting that to simply describe it is to invite skepticism. Have you ever witnessed a room of slack-jawed, alienated indie-rock fans shedding their cool to bob their heads and jump up and down like schoolgirls before the latest Tiger Beat sensation? You have if you've ever been to a Polyphonic Spree show. Chances are, you've also seen ecstatic band members bouncing around the stage like Richard Simmons in a hypoglycemic fit, their lead singer pouring himself into the mic like a reborn Janis Joplin, and everyone onstage harmonizing to epic lyrics celebrating life, love, and the wonder of the world. Even the most jaded observer would find it difficult to resist the joy that... More >>>